The Consul General at Stuttgart (Dominian) to the Secretary of State

No. 1025

Sir: I have the honor to report that an interview today with an American student at Heidelberg afforded information relative to the position of foreigners in that University which may be of interest.

My informant stated that he matriculated at Heidelberg in October of last year with about twenty-five other American students. Of this new group of students he is at present the only one remaining. The others have either returned home or transferred their studies to other institutions in France or Switzerland. It appears that before being permitted to take the preliminary examination at the end of the first semester every student must file a petition with the Minister of the Interior of the State of Baden for approval. In the cases of the group of American students matriculating in October of last year every petition it appears has been disapproved. Without permission to take the examination for the various degrees, future study at Heidelberg would have been fruitless. Accordingly the exodus of American students has taken place.

It was further brought to my attention that the remaining American students of Jewish faith have been asked to appear before the Registrar of the University and to bring with them their approved course of study cards. My informant is of the opinion that the University authorities contemplate depriving them of further privileges.

It is believed that the situation above related is sufficient evidence to belie whatever assurance may have been given in the German press that [Page 319] foreign students are free to enjoy on an equal basis the same advantages of study as are at present enjoyed by German citizens of non-Jewish faith.

Respectfully yours,

Leon Dominian