The Consul General at Stuttgart (Dominian) to the Secretary of State

No. 1011

Sir: I have the honor to report the existence of an anti-foreign attitude among the students at the University of Heidelberg according to information submitted by one of the American students attending the University. It appears that the feeling originated over a year ago among the National Socialist students’ associations and has now spread to practically all the student body. As far as can be ascertained this anti-foreign hostility is not directed at any single nationality but embraces all foreign students. It is publicly manifested by murmurs of disapproval each time a foreign name is attained on the roll as it is being called out. This feeling is not to be confused with the usual anti-Jewish [Page 318] sentiment according to my informant, but appears to be an expression of exaggerated nationalism. As such it seems unlikely to abate as long as the present regime lasts.

This situation tends to support the statement made in my despatch No. 998 of May 1, 1933 in which the value to foreigners of the education imparted at present in German universities was questioned. It also raises the question as to the wisdom of making monetary grants to German universities such as have been made abundantly in recent years to Heidelberg University by American citizens.

It may be added here that changes in the files of registration of American citizens at this Consulate indicate that a number of American students, mostly of Jewish faith, who until recently attended courses at Heidelberg have moved to Basel for the purpose of continuing their studies at the University of that city.

Respectfully yours,

Leon Dominian