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The Danish Legation to the Department of State


The bill S. 868 introduced in the Senate and the bill H. R. 3842 introduced in the House of Representatives to provide for the deportation [Page 991]of certain Alien Seamen and for other purposes, which bills are similar to bills introduced in former Congresses, would seem, as emphasized before in the Danish Minister’s Memorandum of January 9, 1932,11 if passed to entail serious hardships—among others to Danish ships trading to ports of the United States.

For the same reasons as set forth in his above mentioned Memorandum, of which a copy is attached, the Danish Minister would greatly appreciate if through the good offices of the State Department the considerations contained in his Memorandum, equally applying to the above mentioned bills, may again be brought to the notice of the proper Committees of Congress and that the said Committees may again be informed of the concern felt by the Danish shipping circles with regard to this proposed legislation.