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Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Carr)

The Minister of Sweden called upon me today and stated that he noticed that the so-called “King Seamen’s Bill” (H. R. 3842) had been revived and was under consideration in Congress. He stated that his government had the same objections to the bill which it has expressed to the Department during the last two or three years and inquired whether I thought it necessary to address another note to the Department on the subject. He understood that the British Ambassador was addressing a new note to the Department embodying [Page 986]the protest of the British Government in respect to that proposed legislation.

I told the Minister that this Department was still opposed to the measure in its present form and that the Chief of the Visa Division was appearing before the Immigration Committee of the House this afternoon with instructions from me to present again the views of the several foreign governments as presented to the Immigration Committee of the Senate last winter, and to point out the objections from the standpoint of our foreign relations to certain provisions of the bill. I told him that it did not seem to me to be necessary, therefore, for him to address a new note to this Department on that subject. He seemed to be satisfied with the reply.

W[ilbur] J. C[arr]