579.6L3/60: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Garrett ) to the Secretary of State

38. For Latchford20 from Cooper. Reference Department’s instructions May 1st Conference aerial law, Conference has completed final draft convention relative precautionary attachment and drafting committee will present it for Conference adoption next week. Text much improved will include paragraph similar article 40 Warsaw convention. Reference article 1 Conference refused change outlined our instructions contending recent treaties use form objected to by Department. We will accept this correction. Reference articles 2 and 7 Conference “definitely determined convention applicable to aircraft of one contracting state while in other contracting state whether engaged in international commerce or not, but is not applicable aircraft of any state in own territories. Due obvious advantage to America aircraft abroad to be free from seizure we recommend authority to sign with declaration that convention applies only continental limits United States. Please answer not later than Monday 22nd. [Cooper.]

  1. Stephen Latchford, legal assistant, Treaty Division.