The Netherlands Chargé (Van Hoorn) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of the note of the 16th instant in which Your Excellency communicated to me the text, agreed upon, of the reciprocal Air Navigation Arrangement between The Netherlands and the United States of America. This text, in the opinion of Your Excellency, is in accord with the understanding reached during the negotiations, now terminated, between the two countries.

The text communicated to me by Your Excellency is reproduced in the Netherland language below:

[Here follows text in Netherland language.]

I am glad to assure Your Excellency that the foregoing text is what has been accepted by my Government in the course of the negotiations and is approved by it.

It is understood that as stipulated in article 16, the Arrangement will, as stated in Your above mentioned note, become operative, thirty days from the day when the ratification thereof by the Queen of The Netherlands shall be officially notified to the Government of the United States of America.9

Please accept [etc.]

L. S. van Hoorn
  1. Ratification notice was never received by the United States.