The Polish Ambassador (Filipowicz) to the Secretary of State


For several months the public opinion of Germany and especially that of its eastern provinces has been continuously agitated by rumors of alleged aggressive intentions on the part of Poland. These rumors have found their expression in news items launched in the German press, in sensational publications as well as in speeches of public men. The campaign has been considerably intensified during the last elections to the Presidency and to the Prussian Diet, since certain political parties have played up the menace of an alleged external danger as an argument in favor of their program.

This has manifested itself particularly among the nationalist groups.

At the same time, it became evident that moderate German elements, fearful of being outdistanced in their electoral campaign by such demagogical arguments, have become involved in their turn in such propaganda. This resulted only in increasing among the masses the atmosphere of unrest and hostility. Since these activities, in spite of the corrections made from Polish sources, have not ceased to grow in proportions, and became reflected even in parliamentary debates and in pronouncements of leading German statesmen, the Polish Government found itself obliged to draw the attention of the government of the Reich to the detrimental consequences to mutual relations between the two countries which might result. A statement to that effect was delivered in Berlin on March 30, last.

During his conversation with Mr. Bruening which took place in Geneva on April 26, Mr. Zaleski, having again mentioned the subject, [Page 863] was able to note the Chancellor’s disapproval of such methods. Nevertheless, it should be stated that in spite of these efforts the campaign imputing to Poland aggressive tendencies has not yet ceased to make itself felt in Germany and this [has?] resulted even in misleading the opinion of certain circles abroad.

Under such circumstances the Polish Ambassador believes it his duty to draw the attention of the Government of the United States to the above in order to caution it against biased rumors which are or may be launched in regard to Poland.

A résumé of facts in support of the above statement is attached.3

  1. Not printed.