Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation With the Polish Ambassador (Filipowicz)

The Polish Ambassador told me that the agitation in Germany of propaganda accusing Poland of having aggressive intentions against Danzig had continued to such an extent that his Government had felt compelled to send a message to several countries on the subject, in order to caution them with respect to these biased rumors against Poland and that, consequently, they were sending these aide-mémoires to London, Paris, Rome, Washington, and possibly some others, though I don’t remember the names, and he handed me the [Page 862] aide-mémoire which is annexed to this paper.2 I told the Ambassador that I was glad to say that, so far as our American press was concerned, I had seen none of these rumors for the past two or three weeks and that the matter seems to have subsided, but that I would read this aide-mémoire with care. The Ambassador said that Mr. Breuning had agreed that steps should be taken to check this propaganda in Germany but that since his going out of office, this assurance had failed; that otherwise affairs in Poland were going on as well as could be expected, and that the deposits in some seven banks in Warsaw, I think he said, have actually increased.

H[enry] L. S[timson]
  1. Infra.