Memorandum by the Under Secretary of State (Castle) of a Conversation With the Polish Ambassador (Filipowicz)

In the course of his conversation the Polish Ambassador said to me that he was becoming more and more worried over the situation vis-à-vis Germany; he said that several years ago the German fleet made a visit to Danzig, that this was done with the usual notification to the Polish Government and that the visit of the fleet was a great success; this time no notification whatever has been made to the Polish Government, but the fleet is proceeding to Danzig unannounced; he said this was just one more of the many irritating instances; he said just a day or two ago some Polish Marines, proceeding from Danzig to Warsaw, were attacked by men wearing the Hitler insignia, that when the men started to go out a great many shots were fired, many of them penetrating the compartment where the Marines were sitting; he said his Government was keeping calm and trying to prevent any excitement in Poland, but there was no doubt that the Hitlerites were becoming more and more provocative. I told the Ambassador that I hoped the Polish Government would continue to keep calm because there would be no advantage to anybody if they got into a row with the Germans.

W. R. Castle, Jr.