Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation With the Polish Ambassador (Filipowicz)

During the call of the Polish Ambassador today he told me about the situation at Danzig. He assured me that Poland had the matter in control with a strong hand but that there were great elements of tension and excitement; that for example, at the time of the disbandment of the Hitler troops, the German Minister of War, Groener, had felt obliged to read publicly an order which had been issued by the Hitler party to its troops in reference to Danzig; that this was read by Gen. Groener as a justification of the disbandment of those troops, but it nevertheless created excitement in Poland, particularly as the portion of the Hitler troops in Danzig were not disbanded and are still there making trouble. I urged upon the Ambassador the very great importance of keeping cool this summer when there is so much tension, and he assured me that the Polish authorities had the matter in hand.

H[enry] L. S[timson]