819.00 Revolutions/21: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Panama (Davis)


6. Your 19, January 4, 3 p.m. You should make no reply to the note at present. Urgent business that has to be taken up in writing should be done by memoranda from the Legation to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and not addressed to any individual in an official capacity.

The following is for your strictly confidential information only.

The delay in sending you instructions respecting recognition is not based on any doubt regarding the constitutionality of Señor Arias’ appointment, but arises from the question of whether the new regime will have sufficient stability and control of the country to remain in office. Therefore action will probably not be taken by the Department until after Alfaro has returned to Panama to take control. The decision of the Department at that time will depend on the light of developments in the interim. Advise Department as to the control the new regime has over the country, whether there develops any armed opposition to the new authorities, and whether the new regime can maintain itself in power. Does the new regime command a majority in the country?