819.00 Revolutions/1: Telegram

The Minister in Panama (Davis) to the Secretary of State

96. Revolutionists in control of Panama City.1 For confidential information of Department I conferred with President Arosemena who requested troops. Have refrained from calling troops up to the present time because there would be great bloodshed. Used my unofficial influence to stop violence and save lives of scores of Panaman officials held prisoners including President. After conference with members of Supreme Court that body is leading in effort to find peaceful solution. It is considering possibility of calling fire department which is non-political to patrol city while conferences are held looking to a peaceful solution of problem.

I have conferred with General Brown and Governor Schley.2 American troops on boundary line prepared to intervene in case American lives and property are not protected.

  1. For a historical account of the revolution, see despatch No. 307, January 6, from the Minister in Panama, p. 894.
  2. General Preston Brown, in command of the Panama Canal Department, and Acting Governor Schley of the Panama Canal Zone.