817.00 Johnson Electoral Mission/184

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Hanna)

No. 135

Sir: You are informed that Captain Alfred Wilkinson Johnson having fully complied with the instructions issued to him as Personal Representative of the President of the United States in Nicaragua and as Chairman of the American Electoral Mission to that country, has been relieved from active duty in connection with that Mission and has resumed his regular naval duties. Captain Johnson has not, however, relinquished his office as Chairman of the American Electoral Mission or, consequently, as President of the Nicaraguan Board of Elections.

It is deemed by the Department to be highly desirable that the present structure of the National Board of Elections shall be retained in so far as may be practicable, and that an American member continue to serve thereon during the greater part of the period which will intervene until the presidential elections of 1932 shall have been held. In view, therefore, of the absence of Captain Johnson he will be represented on the Board by his alternate. That official, Commander Andrew S. Hickey, however, has been compelled, by virtue of the pressure of his naval duties, to resign as Vice Chairman of the National Board of Elections, in consequence of which Captain Johnson has nominated as his successor Major Charles F. B. Price, United States Marine Corps.

Captain Johnson will, forward to your Legation, for delivery to President Moncada, notice of the resignation of Commander; Hickey and of his nomination of Major Price. When you shall have received and delivered to President Moncada the communication from Captain Johnson containing notice of the resignation of Commander Hickey [Page 874]and the nomination of Major Price you are directed then to communicate the substance of this instruction to President Moncada, and, pursuant to the provisions of Article 16 (c) of the Electoral Law of Nicaragua as modified by the Executive Decree of July 26, 1930, to request him to appoint Major Price as alternate to the Chairman of the National Board of Elections, and to cause such further steps to be taken as may be requisite to the assumption of his duties by Major Price.

You are, furthermore, directed to call to the attention of President Moncada the note, No. 64, dated February 12, 1929,55 addressed to Mr. Eberhardt by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, requesting the designation of an American citizen to preside over the National Board of Elections, wherein it was stated that a salary of $8,000 a year would be paid to that person. It is contemplated that Major Price will proceed to Nicaragua during the month of July, 1931, and that he will remain there until the municipal elections of the following October shall have been held, returning thereafter to the United States. Subsequently he will again return to Nicaragua prior to the 1932 presidential elections, should any questions requiring his presence be submitted during that period to the National Board of Elections. You will request that Major Price shall be paid during such time as he may actually be on duty in Nicaragua a salary at the rate of $8,000 per annum. His expenses while traveling to and from Nicaragua will be paid by the Government of the United States, and his salary paid by the Nicaraguan Government will of course cease at such times as he may be absent from Nicaragua. His salary will be his only expense to the Nicaraguan Government. Any traveling expenses in the Republic of Nicaragua and any other incidental expenses will be paid by Major Price out of his salary.

Very truly yours,

Henry L. Stimson