837.00 Revolutions/11: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Guggenheim) to the Acting Secretary of State

118. Although as yet the Opposition have made no headway and there has been no disloyalty in the Army or Navy, in spite of rumors to the contrary, in my opinion until the Opposition leaders in the field have been taken there remain possibilities of serious consequences. Menocal, Mendieta, Gomez, and Peñate have not been definitely located and their strategy undoubtedly is to attempt to create an uprising of the people simultaneously in all of the provinces. In view of the general poverty and dissatisfaction of the people with the Machado Government the execution of such a plan would be sanguinary, even though it might not be successful. There have been no overtures from Opposition leaders for peace although mutual friends have suggested my taking action. In my opinion this would be futile and harmful at this time. My policy will be to await definite word direct from opposition leaders and if it should seem possible to arrange terms do so privately before stepping into the breach publicly.

Newspapers here are taking every opportunity to interpret reports given out by the Department as indicative of American support of the Machado Government arousing a feeling of distrust of our Government among the Cuban people.