837.00 Revolutions/1: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Guggenheim) to the Acting Secretary of State

113. I saw the President again this morning, also Chief of Staff of Army and Commanding Officer of Navy all of whom as can be expected talk confidently. President predicts that he will have revolutionary movement completely stamped out within 48 hours. Several minor encounters between troops and insurgents were reported yesterday in Habana and Santa Clara Provinces. Six alleged rebels were killed last night when rural guards attacked a farmhouse near Guanabacoa. The Government announces that a number of prisoners have been taken. Congress yesterday enacted law authorizing suspension of the constitutional guarantees throughout the Republic and the President immediately issued a decree placing suspension in effect. Civil authorities in Habana and Pinar del Rio Provinces have been superseded by the military.

Personal friends in contact with leaders of Opposition are firmly of opinion that real revolution has not yet started. They claim that Menocal and Mendieta are aboard the gunboat Baire bound for Santiago, where the troops will go over to Menocal.

[Paraphrase.] President Machado tried to sound me out regarding the Department’s attitude toward a possible request that the Government of the United States furnish arms and munitions in case of need, which is not at present. I said that when the request was made the matter would be considered. [End paraphrase.]