817.00 Bandit Activities, 1931/201

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Hanna ) to the Secretary of State

No. 412

Sir: I have the honor to report that the Brigade Commander has informed me of an engagement on June 15, 1931, between a Guardia patrol under Captain Lester E. Power, Guardia Nacional, First Lieutenant U. S. Marine Corps, and a large group of bandits at a place called Embocaderos north of Jinotega in which Captain Power, Lieutenant William E. McGhee (Corporal U. S. Marine Corps) and one enlisted Guardia were killed. Three additional Guardia were wounded. Bandit casualties are unknown.

The Brigade Commander has also informed me that on June 14, 1931, a Guardia patrol under Lieutenant Livermore, Corporal U. S. [Page 822] Marine Corps, encountered a group of 20 bandits killing one and wounding several others. There were no Guardia casualties. A quantity of ammunition and one pistol were captured from the bandits.

Respectfully yours,

Matthew E. Hanna