817.48 Earthquake of 1931/11: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua ( Beaulac )

25. For the Minister. At a meeting in the office of the American Red Cross today attended by representatives of the State, War and [Page 782] Navy Departments it was agreed that you should assume chargé of coordinating American relief measures pending arrival of Ernest J. Swift, Acting Director of Insular and Foreign Operations of the American Red Cross, who is proceeding at once to Managua by airplane. War and Navy Departments have advised their representatives of this arrangement. Preliminary grant of $10,000 by Red Cross already has been placed at disposal of the Department and you may draw against it as required. These funds are to be used for emergency relief pending arrival Swift. Navy sending Hospital Ship Relief to Corinto, also vessels of Special Service Squadron including USS Rochester with medical unit and stores of all kinds. These vessels will arrive April 3d. Naval planes will leave Panama Canal Zone tomorrow with doctors, nurses and medical supplies. Army cooperating fully and standing by ready to send whatever is necessary from the Canal Zone.