The Department of State to the Netherlands Legation


Reference is made to a memorandum from the Netherland Legation, No. 1645, dated May 19, 1931, in which inquiry is made regarding the exemption of Netherland consular officers in the United States from excise taxes on articles imported for their personal use.

It is the Department’s understanding that as a matter of practice excise taxes are not levied on goods which are imported free of duty [Page 779] by foreign consular officers in the United States. Should it develop that consuls of the Netherlands, who are nationals of that country and not engaged in any other business, are required to pay excise taxes on the importation of articles for their personal use, this Department will be pleased to take the matter up with the Treasury Department to ascertain if such a tax exemption may be arranged informally. If such an arrangement is not feasible, this Department will be glad to give consideration to providing for the exemption in any negotiations for a treaty containing provisions relating to consular officers which may be undertaken by the two Governments.