The American Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier ( Blake ) to the French Resident General in Morocco ( Saint )31

Mr. Resident-General: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency’s Notes, No. 224–D of July 3rd, 1931 and No. 231–D of July 8th, 1931,32 setting forth the conditions which have led the Tangier Administration to consider, as an exceptional derogation from the principle involved, the expediency of permitting the grant of an Electric Light and Power Concession in Tangier, without appeal to international competition or observance of the procedure of public adjudication.

Your Excellency informs me that the Tangier Administration is desirous to have its views and action in the matter brought to my attention and expresses the hope that, in the special circumstances, the Government of the United States will consent to withdraw the opposition which it had formulated in the premises.

If Your Excellency will be good enough to address to me in the customary form, on behalf of the Shereefian Government, a request in the above sense, I shall immediately telegraph the proposal to my Government with my recommendation for favorable action.33

Please accept [etc.]

Maxwell Blake
  1. Quoted in despatch No. 631, July 15, from the Diplomatic Agent and Consul General to the Acting Secretary of State; received August 4.
  2. Neither printed.
  3. On July 29, 1931, the Diplomatic Agent and Consul General duly notified the French Resident General, in accordance with instruction No. 635, April 30, supra, of American assent. (881.6463/28)