The Spanish Chargé ( Martinez de Irujo ) to the Secretary of State

No. 89/14

Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to inform Your Excellency, that by the proper authorities, there will be promulgated soon in the Zone of the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco, the new Urban Tax Levy [Page 753] Regulations, inasmuch as those which now are in force covering the matter are not adapted to present conditions in the said Zone.

While having the honor to remit to Your Excellency a copy of the draft of the Regulations in question,18 in compliance with instructions from my Government I take the liberty of requesting of the Government of the United States of America that it see fit to take the proper measures in order that the new Regulations may be applicable to American citizens and persons under American protection.

I avail myself [etc.]

Luis Martinez de Irujo
  1. Not printed.