411.12 Gomez and Rubio/84

The Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador (Puig)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of November 20, 1931, in relation to the death of the Mexican citizens Mr. Emilio Cortés Rubio and Mr. Manuel Gomez.

In reply I refer to the Department’s note of August 8, 1931, detailing the result of its investigation of the deplorable affair of June 7, 1931, at Ardmore, Oklahoma, which resulted in the death of these Mexican [Page 726]citizens and in which the Department reiterated the profound regret of this Government for the tragic occurrence in question.

While not admitting the correctness of the conclusions which you draw from the facts and circumstances connected with this affair, I advise you that further consideration will be given to it upon the receipt of the documents which you state will be sent to the Department at a later date.

Accept [etc.]

Henry L. Stimson

[Pursuant to an Act of Congress approved February 25, 1933 (47 Stat. 907) the Secretary of State on April 25, 1933, transmitted a Treasury check for $30,000 to the Mexican Ambassador for payment to the Government of Mexico, $15,000 for the account of the family of Emilio Cortés Rubio and $15,000 for the account of the family of Manuel García Gómez, “as an act of grace and without reference to the legal liability of the United States”. (411.12 Gomez and Rubio/134)]