411.12 Gomez and Rubio/19: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Clark) to the Secretary of State


188. Except for the use of such words as “vilely”, and “barbarous”, and of an unfriendly editorial in yesterday’s La Prensa (which paper is almost always anti-American in its point of view), the press has treated the killings at Ardmore, Oklahoma, with forbearance and moderation. I was told that the occurrence has given rise to considerable ill-feeling against the United States especially among those persons who are generally characterized as anti-American.

From two different sources close to President Ortiz Rubio we have been informed that local students and others tried to influence the families of the deceased to send the remains to Morelia, via Mexico City, in order that a demonstration might be organized in Mexico City, but that the families of the deceased decided otherwise. Also, from the same sources, we have been advised that persons in Mexico City of Michoacan origin requested the assent of the President to hold a demonstration in Mexico City without the remains of the deceased and that the President gave his permission with the understanding that they would guarantee that no statements would be made attacking either the Government of Mexico or the United States.