411.12 Gomez and Rubio/13: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Clark) to the Secretary of State

188. On receipt of Department’s 166, June 9, 4 p.m.,13 and of telegram from Governor of Oklahoma to the effect that his representative, Colonel Charles E. Clowe, accompanying remains of Gómez and Cortés Rubio would arrive Laredo 2 p.m. Thursday, June 11, I addressed note to Foreign Office. Embassy also orally inquired whether it would be agreeable to the Mexican Government for Colonel Clowe to accompany remains in Mexico or whether it would be prudent for him to do so in view of reports in the press that hostile demonstrations against United States would take place in Morelia on arrival of bodies there.

Embassy has just been orally advised by Foreign Office that Mexican Government deeply appreciates courtesy of Governor of Oklahoma, but is of the opinion that due to lack of good accommodations to Morelia it would be advisable for Colonel Clowe to accompany remains only to the border. On our again suggesting possibility of demonstrations in Morelia Foreign Office representative said that this was another reason why it would be inadvisable for Colonel Clowe to accompany the remains beyond the border.

If Department sees no objection please communicate foregoing confidentially to Governor. Am advising Consul at Nuevo Laredo.

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