411.12 Gomez and Rubio/16

The Governor of Oklahoma (Murray) to the Secretary of State

Dear Sir: An incident occurred in this State today which resulted in the death of a relative of the President of the Mexican Republic, [Page 710]together with one of his companions, who were traveling homeward from a Kansas College.

I enclose herewith a copy of a letter I have just now addressed to the Mexican Consul of this city, which contains all of the information in my possession at this time.

Thinking perhaps this information might be needed by your department, I am sending it, and shall gladly report further as the facts may come to me.

Yours sincerely,

Wm. H. Murray

The Governor of Oklahoma (Murray) to the Mexican Consul at Oklahoma City (Valdes)

Dear Sir: I have just learned that Emilio Cortés Rubio, who, I understand, is a nephew of the President of the Republic of Mexico; Manuel Gómez, and Salvador Cortés Rubio, cousin and nephew of the President of Mexico,11 His Excellency Ortiz Rubio, were passing through the town of Ardmore, Carter County, in this State, returning from a college in Kansas to Mexico, when they stopped their car and got out. They were observed by the Deputy Sheriff of Carter County, who approached them, and they began to run; whereupon, the two first were shot down.

I deeply deplore the matter, and wish to express my sincere regret at what occurred. The boys, I can understand, not knowing our customs or language, exercised the instinct of attempting to flee, which the American officer too often construes as justifying the firing of his gun. It appears that the boys had done no wrong and had violated no law other than that they were carrying concealed weapons on their persons, which is in violation of our State law.

The purpose of this letter is to express to you and, through you, to His Excellency, The President, my deep regret of this occurrence, and to assure him that diligent effort will be made to ascertain whether the officer was without authority to commit the homicides.

Please to assure The President of these expressions and of the last promise of investigation on the part of the State.

With expressions of sorrow and regret, I am,

Very sincerely,

Wm. H. Murray
  1. Manuel Gómez was not related to the President of Mexico; Emilio Cortés Rubio and Salvador Cortés Rubio, who were cousins, were nephews of the President (411.12 Gomez and Rubio/138).