The Minister in Colombia (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

No. 1740

Sir: Referring to my previous reports concerning the progress of the oil bill, and with special references in that connection to my despatch No. 1724 of October 4, in which I spoke of visits of Mr. Haskell of the Texas Oil Company at the Presidential Palace, I have the honor to report that Mr. Haskell continued his discussions with President Olaya and the Ministers of Government and Industries on Monday last and is to see them again today. He believes that he is continuing to make progress.

As set out in the last paragraph of my despatch No. 1724 of October 4, Dr. Olaya saw Mr. Dodson of the Andian National Corporation on [Page 5] October 4; but, in the absence of any opinion on the subject from the President of his company, Mr. Dodson felt unable to make any statements on the oil bill.

Although Judge Feuille of the Standard Oil Company of California has not seen Dr. Olaya for some time, he is continually in touch with the situation through his lawyer, Dr. Carreño, who is kept more or less informed by the Minister of Government.

As reported before, Mr. Folsom of the South American Gulf Oil Company does not care to take any part in the negotiations over the new oil bill, as he feels that he should concentrate all his efforts on the Barco matter.

Mr. McCulloch of the Sinclair Oil Company has not yet seen Dr. Olaya; but will be called by him in a few days to the Palace.

All these representatives come frequently to the Legation and are apparently frankly endeavoring to let me know what they hear about the prospects of the bill. None of them know, however, what the others are doing: each one comes in the greatest secrecy.

Respectfully yours,

Jefferson Caffery