882.5048/410: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State

19. Consulate’s 15, January 22, 7 p.m. I have learned that the following are the more significant portions of the report which the rapporteur will in all probability make to the Council on the subject of Liberia.24 Please keep this information confidential until advised Council’s action is completed.

The Council will note with satisfaction the promise of Liberia to adopt the recommendations of the Commission and to carry them out up to the limit of its means and as quickly as its finances will permit. However, the execution of such reforms should not be subordinated to the granting of financial assistance and to this end the Council associates itself with the opinion of Henderson.
The report will suggest the ratification by Liberia of the Convention on Forced Labor drawn up in June, 1930, at the International Labor Conference. This ratification would accord Liberia the means of reporting each year the measures it has taken in execution of the provisions of this Convention.
The Council will designate a small interim committee to study questions of administrative assistance necessary to carry out the suggested reforms and also question of financial assistance.
The above mentioned committee will be authorized to invoke the cooperation of the technical organizations of the League and of the President of the Commission of Inquiry. “Furthermore, in view of the particular interest which the United States has evinced in the execution by the Government of Liberia of reforms suggested by the Commission of Inquiry, the committee of the Council should be authorized to invite the Government of the United States to take part in its work to an extent which would be considered opportune”.
The report of this committee could be considered at the next session of the Council.
The rapporteur will propose that the committee consist of the representatives of Germany, British Empire, France, Italy, Liberia, Venezuela, Poland.
  1. See League of Nations document C.133.1931.VI.