837.00/2948: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Guggenheim) to the Secretary of State


3. Yesterday a meeting took place between President Machado and General Menocal2 to discuss the possibility of reaching a solution to the Cuban political problem more or less along the lines suggested in my No. 164, December 12, 1930, sub-head 5.3 The opposition had requested that I take part in such a conference but I refused on the grounds that there will be no interference from the United States, whose only desire is a Cuban solution of the present state of affairs. I do not think that my participation in a conference at this time would be helpful. I have endeavored privately to urge and help both sides to resolve their differences along reasonable lines which will aid rather than hinder Cuba’s political and financial stability. It is extremely difficult to reach an accord, especially on account of the deluding elements of the opposition.

  1. Mario G. Menocal, President of Cuba from 1913 to 1921, and leader of the non-cooperating faction of the Conservative Party.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1930, vol. ii, p. 678.