882.5048/401: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Gilbert ) to the Secretary of State

11. Sottile has addressed a formal letter to the Secretary General of the League dated January 13 which has just been made public.19 The substance of his letter is:

That rumors are being circulated that after the departure from Liberia of the International Commission of Inquiry, the Liberian Government instituted reprisals against witnesses who had testified before the Commission and that a situation eventuated which has been described as a “revolt”;
That these rumors which tend to prejudice the international position of Liberia at the present juncture are based upon a mendacious exaggeration of a minor incident arising from a misunderstanding [Page 661] among the natives in the village of Nana-Kru which was settled by peaceful means, that no fighting has occurred and no property has been damaged and that in particular no retaliatory or repressive measures as described have been taken by the Liberian Government since the departure of the Commission.

  1. League of Nations document C.73.M.30.1931.VI.