033.6511 Grandi, Dino/144: Telegram

The Chargé in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State


235. Embassy’s 234, noon, 10th of December.38 The Minister for Foreign Affairs has just handed me the English translation of the speech regarding his visit to America. He will deliver it before the Senate this afternoon. I was requested to forward it to you at once in order that you might have it before the press account reached Washington. Consequently the speech is being sent to you en clair and in full.

Furthermore, Grandi requested me to tell you that in the preparation of this speech he took pains to keep within the boundaries of the substance of the joint statement issued at Washington; that he made use of this opportunity to indicate the points which he hoped he had made clear during his stay in Washington. The points were that he did not go to Washington to ask for anything concrete on behalf of Italy but only to promote the general welfare of all nations through a mutual understanding. His visit, he continued, was to be regarded as one of the series of exchanges of views between the leading statesmen of the United States and Europe. The trip was not to be viewed as a direct consequence of Premier Laval’s visit to Washington. Finally, he and the Italian Government were not keeping an attitude of secrecy or reserve. They wished only to cooperate openly and frankly in the task of restoring confidence among nations and prosperity throughout the world.

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