Executive Agreement Series No. 23


The Acting Secretary of State to the Italian Ambassador (De Martino)

Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge your note No. Uff. Em. 4608 of August 5, 1931, regarding an agreement between the United States and Italy for the reciprocal recognition of certificates of inspection of vessels assigned to the transportation of passengers.

With reference to the Italian Government’s desire that the agreement become effective on August 15, 1931, 1 have pleasure in informing you that this Government will consider the agreement to be effective as of that date. Instructions necessary for this Government to [Page 622] give effect to the agreement have been issued to the inspectors of the Steamboat Inspection Service. Copies of the circular letter containing these instructions will be furnished you for transmittal to the proper Italian authorities as soon as they have been printed.

In order that this Government’s record of the agreement may be complete I shall appreciate it if you will furnish the Department with a copy in duplicate of your Government’s decree of August 15, 1931, giving effect to the agreement.

Accept [etc.]

W. R. Castle, Jr.