815.00 Revolutions/39: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Lay) to the Secretary of State

78. The following telegram has been received today from Major Geyer at San Pedro Sula:

“Last night small rebel patrols harassed outposts with resulting desultory firing from midnight to 4 a.m. I view situation as follows:

Rebels now in hills 1,100 strong of which 300 well armed but short of ammunition, also best Indian fighters have not as yet joined them. Government forces defending city well armed and plenty ammunition with Fonseca and more reserves coming up. Do not believe rebels will attack San Pedro Sula under circumstances as chances of success would be slight. Again, if Government forces attack rebels who are now in good defensive position in the mountains, the latter would have a better chance of defeating them, replenishing their ammunition supply and then attacking San Pedro Sula. Believe both sides realize the above which fully explains the situation for the time being. Morale of troops here better and leaders seem more confident. In view above change I do not believe San Pedro Sula in danger of falling at present. Inestroza now cooperating fully and I am standing by to establish neutral zone when, as, and if necessary.”