815.00 Revolutions/15: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Lay) to the Secretary of State

67. Reference Legation’s No. 66,2 Turnbull has received following from United Fruit Company, Boston office:

“On written order from the President or Minister you are authorized to place steamer Coppename at disposal of Government for movement of troops one trip Tela to Puerto Cortes provided Government lift restrictions on movement of trains all three divisions and restrictions against clearance of our vessels. Steamship Comayagua will arrive Puerto Cortes daylight tomorrow; if necessary and if Government will furnish written order for this vessel you are authorized to place same at their disposal for further transportation troops. This we believe confidentially will satisfy Government.”

In as much as Turnbull has stated will take no action without my approval and steamship Comayagua is Honduran registry, I request to be instructed also whether the Department has any objection to proposed use of this vessel.

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