814.00/1065: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala (Whitehouse)

16. Legation’s 29, April 20, 11 a.m. Please state orally and informally to the Guatemalan Minister for Foreign Affairs that this Government has learned with especial gratification of the action of the Guatemalan authorities in restraining General Filiberto Diaz Zelaya and companions from entering into the present insurrectionary movement in Honduras from Guatemalan territory.

By taking this action the Government of Guatemala has set a praiseworthy example in the observance not only of the General Treaty of Peace and Amity of 19231 but of intrinsic good neighborliness.

The Department feels that this Government may appropriately express the foregoing sentiments because of its keen interest in the maintenance of peace, and because of its adherence to the general principles of that Treaty.

  1. General Treaty of Peace and Amity, signed February 7, 1923, Conference on Central American Affairs, p. 287.