815.00 Revolutions/7: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Puerto Cortes (Wasson) to the Secretary of State

Yesterday afternoon General Ladislao Santo, secretary of General Ferrera, crossed the Ulua River at Progreso into Department of Yoro with 200 followers. They proceeded slowly toward San Pedro Sula requisitioning mules and saddles at banana plantations. First fighting in this consular district occurred at Pimienta on National Railroad April 19, 9 p.m., which fell after sharp engagement. All train traffic on National Railroad and Ramal del Ulua has been suspended at request of General J. Antonio Inestroza, Commandante of San Pedro Sula. I proceeded to San Pedro Sula last night to reassure Americans [Page 559]and foreigners residing there. General Ferrera had remained in hiding in San Pedro Sula until 4 p.m. General Inestroza assured me that foreigners’ lives and property will be protected.