815.00 Revolutions/4: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Lay) to the Secretary of State

61. Following telegram has been received from the American Vice Consul at Tela.

“April 19, 3 a.m. Revolutionary forces moving towards Tela after capture Progreso. New [Now?] Tela being put under civilian patrol. Request immediate despatch of marines by air”.

Manager of the United Fruit Company reports that General Ramon Diaz advises that he is leaving Progreso for Tela with 800 men and is operating in the name of Ferrera. Company has ship in the harbor which it is holding to evacuate Americans in case it is necessary. Revolution apparently spreading to all ports on north coast and I therefore urge that one warship be sent at once to Tela and one to Truxillo as well as the Memphis to Ceiba.

Forces also now moving on Truxillo.