838.51/2339: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (McGurk) to the Secretary of State

119. This morning Mr. Pixley saw the Minister for Foreign Affairs and presented to him a budget of approximately 2,570,000 to be used as an emergency measure for the month of October subject to an adjustment when an accord is reached. The Minister informed us that there had been no budget discussion at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday and that he would present Mr. Pixley’s emergency measure to the Cabinet this afternoon and would inform us of its deliberation tomorrow morning.

I informed the Minister in the sense of the Department’s telegraphic instructions 72 September 29th. The Minister stated that it would be necessary eventually to publish the budget as voted and suggested that it be done immediately with a statement that such modifications as were necessary would be made in accordance with article 22 of the Law of Expenditures. I stated that I hoped that it would not be published until an accord was reached. Regarding the preamble to the later reports he said that the Government could not change them but that the Government could say in writing that they were of no effect.