838.51/2325: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Haiti (McGurk)

65. Legation’s 110, September 9 [19], 1 p.m., and earlier reports concerning the current budgetary laws. Please seek an early interview with President Stenio Vincent and state that in view of the imminence of the commencement of the next fiscal year, arrangements should be made immediately by the Executive with the office of the Financial Adviser, pursuant to the transitory provision mentioned in your telegrams 92, August 4, 11 a.m., and 95, August 7, 1 p.m., for such modification of the budgetary laws as may be deemed expedient by the office of the Financial Adviser.

Inform him that in the absence of such an arrangement the office of the Financial Adviser will be instructed to make no payments after October 1 other than those to the American Treaty Services and those which are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the Government. Any arrangement of this character should be made in writing.

The foregoing instruction is to be complied with in your discretion. Should you take the action it contemplates, you are authorized to point out that throughout the entire course of the negotiations between the two Governments which led up to the signing on August 5 of the Haitianization Agreement57 this Government repeatedly made clear its unwavering intention to insist upon full compliance by the Haitian Government with the commitments which rest upon it in so far as the Financial Services are concerned by virtue of the treaty and additional agreements.58

  1. Ante, p. 505.
  2. A typewritten notation at the bottom of the page on original reads:

    “(Read over the telephone to Dr. Munro, who approves and urges that this message be sent at once.)”