838.51/2325: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (McGurk) to the Secretary of State

110. Pixley and I spent the whole of yesterday discussing budgetary laws with the Minister of Finance. From this discussion it looked as if we could reach an accord in view of the assurances which the President said he would give that the objectionable parts of the law would be set aside by mutual consent with the exception of articles 7 and 10 of the Law of Ways and Means.

In the meantime the Moniteur appearing this morning publishes the formal promulgation of the Law of Ways and Means and the Law of Expenditures as of the 17th instant thereby carrying out the Government’s intention to promulgate these laws even though the Financial [Page 519] Adviser’s accord was not given. His accord was withheld by his letter of the 14th instant copy of which was forwarded with despatch No. 223, September 15, 1931,54 and supplemented by despatch 230, September 19th.54

In conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs this morning he did not mention the fact that the laws had been promulgated and I had not yet seen the Moniteur. However, he informed me that it was the intention of the Government to give the assurances of the President referred to above. I asked him if these assurances would be in writing and he said that he thought they would be, but in general terms.

Mr. Pixley has not yet received the final budget figure. With what he has he is endeavoring to urge upon the Minister the necessity of balancing the budget and will continue to do so. I have also repeatedly emphasized to the Minister of Foreign Affairs the serious situation which will result if the budget is not balanced.

The finance laws published this morning require that the first douzième be published between the 20th and the 25th of the month and I think the Government will proceed to promulgate the budgetary figures without the accord of the Financial Adviser in order to get out the first douzième as required by law.

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