838.51/2297: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Munro) to the Acting Secretary of State

90. Yesterday noon I received a long note from the Foreign Office, dated July 25th, defending the Haitian Government’s action regarding the budget. The note makes no direct reply to our demand for the withdrawal of the budget. It does not deny the right of the Financial Adviser to be consulted regarding the budget but maintains that there is nothing in the Treaty to prevent the Executive from submitting the budget to Congress in advance of the Financial Adviser’s approval

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I assume that this is not the Haitian Government’s final reply and that the Minister for Foreign Affairs will subsequently inform me of the result of his discussions with Congress, referred to in my telegram No. 87, July 28, 9 a.m.

While I am confident that the Haitian Government has no intention of reaching an accord with the Financial Adviser regarding the budget until it is convinced that it must do so, I think that we shall be able to settle this question comparatively satisfactorily before the new fiscal year begins on October 7th [1st?]; and that it would not be advisable, so long as there seems to be a prospect for a satisfactory solution, to delay the conclusion of the accord on Haitianization. A situation may develop at any time however where it would be extremely difficult to conclude the Haitianization accord without loss of prestige and dignity and I hope therefore that the Department will send me final instructions on the points raised in my recent telegrams at the earliest possible moment.