838.61/211: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti ( Munro ) to the Secretary of State

47. Referring to my telegram No. 46, May 29, 10 a.m. During our discussion of the Haitianization plan in Washington the Department instructed me to accept if necessary an arrangement under which all American personnel would be released from the Service Technique by January 1. After further consideration I feel that such action would be most unjust to men who were brought here by the United States Government with every reasonable assurance of a permanent tenure and who until very recently have been given no definite warning that they would not have employment throughout the coming academic year. Practically all of the Americans in the Service Technique will have to look to unserviceable [sic] positions when they leave here and there is practically no hope now of their being able to obtain positions until September 1932. Last January and February when they should have been seeking to obtain positions for the coming year there seemed to be every probability that the Haitianization of the Service Technique would be spread over a period of years and that each man would have an opportunity to know when he would be relieved and to make his plans accordingly. I entirely agree that the continuance of the Service Technique under present conditions would serve [no?] useful purpose but I nevertheless feel that the men who are employed [should?] be protected by receiving pay throughout the coming academic year.

I understand that the Americans released by the Philippine Government were given one full year’s salary on resignation. In the case of the men here I think that we would be entirely justified in demanding an indemnity of 6 months’ salary after January 1 if the Haitian Government wishes to have them go. We would presumably be in a position to keep them here until June 1, 1922 [1932?] if the, Haitian Government did not wish to accept such an arrangement.

I earnestly recommend that the Department consider this matter in connection with my telegram above referred to.