368.117/286: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Greece ( Fisher )

30. Your 1682 of April 3, 1931 regarding exemption from alleged military obligations. The Department must now order its supply of Notices to Bearers of Passports, for use in 1932. The text of the revised edition must be ready for the printer by the middle of October.

The question therefore arises at this time as to what advice should be given in the new publication to naturalized American citizens of Greek origin who propose to visit Greece during 1932.

It is suggested that you bring this matter to the personal attention of the Foreign Minister as urgently as possible, expressing the hope of this Government that the present favorable arrangement may be continued during the coming year.

You may add that the Department has given appropriate publicity to the liberal attitude adopted by the Greek Government with respect to the present year.

Please reply by telegram before October 15.