651.116 Nitrate/15: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Edge)

200. The Barrett Company, a subsidiary of Allied Chemicals, has shipped to France several cargoes of Arcadian Nitrate of Soda, which is manufactured by the Atmospheric Nitrogen Corporation at Hopewell, Virginia. This company has been producing for 2 years and has only recently entered the export field. While exports have been small the Company states it is prepared to export to France large quantities of Arcadian Nitrate of Soda.

According to a letter from the Barrett Company a French decree was issued May 5 providing that certain products including nitrate of soda may be imported into France only under license issued by the Minister of Agriculture. While the Company raises no objection to the licensing system it is anxious to obtain a part of the trade in order to maintain as well as possible the trade lines it has already established through French commission merchants. As occasion presents itself please discuss this matter informally with the appropriate authorities bringing to their attention the existence of this trade and express the hope that favorable consideration can be given to the interests of this American company.