The Minister in Colombia ( Caffery ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2376

Sir: Referring to my previous reports concerning the work here of Mr. George Rublee in connection with oil matters (File No. 801.A Rublee), I have the honor to report that, as set out in my telegram No. 28 of February 28,19 Mr. Rublee expects to leave Bogotá on the 26th instant to return to the United States.

I desire to take the occasion to say that Mr. Rublee’s stay here has been an unqualified success; in fact, without him, I should not have been able to secure as satisfactory an oil bill as the one which was recently approved by Congress; nor would I have been able to bring about the signing of as satisfactory a contract as is the Barco contract signed on March 5. His unusual intelligence and tact have won for him here the very general esteem and admiration of all classes; and it is worthy to note that the President of the Republic, the Minister of Industries, the Consulting Attorney of the Office of the Secretary General of the Republic, Dr. Latorre, and Dr. Carlos A. Urueta (especially), all seem genuinely sorry to see him go.

Respectfully yours,

Jefferson Caffery
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