033.5111 Laval, Pierre/1: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Edge) to the Secretary of State

584. L’Information, evening financial organ, printed last night an article signed by Fernand de Brinon who had arranged for an interview on Wednesday between James MacDonald, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Association, and the Prime Minister. The article set forth the possibility and desirability of an interview between President Hoover and Prime Minister Laval and indicated the French Government would not be impossible and that it would be desirable.1 It would merely be an effort for mutual explanations and understanding.

[Paraphrase.] The conversation between Laval and MacDonald on Wednesday during which the Chairman of the Foreign Policy Association informally and on his own behalf suggested the desirability of such a meeting (see my letter of 18th of September2) is the immediate basis for this article. According to MacDonald, the Prime Minister seemed receptive but he did not definitely commit himself.

According to information which the press here has received from the Prime Minister’s office, there is the suggestion that if such a voyage could be arranged before the meeting of the French Parliament in October, Laval’s office was merely awaiting some official word of invitation in order to make a decision on the matter.

I have not conversed with any of the French officials on this subject. I shall be very glad to learn your attitude in order that I might speak with Laval before his departure for Berlin next week. [End paraphrase.]

  1. This sentence is apparently garbled.
  2. Not printed.