The Salvadoran Second Secretary in Chargé of Legation (Meléndez) to the Acting Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to transmit herewith to Your Excellency a note sent to you by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

I reiterate [etc.]

Roberto D. Meléndez

The Salvadoran Minister for Foreign Affairs (Rossi) to the Acting Secretary of State37

L. D./957

Your Excellency: It is a high honor to me to refer to Your Excellency’s kind note under date of June 18 ultimo, in which you saw fit to answer that which this Ministry sent to you on the 27th of last May in regard to the assault made upon Dr. Carlos Leiva, Minister [Chargé] of El Salvador.

I am sincerely pleased that Your Excellency’s Government should have deigned to consider in their true light the points set forth by this Ministry in the note to which I refer, and my Government takes pleasure in noting that Your Excellency’s Government, while deploring what occurred to Dr. Leiva, is interesting itself in the prompt capture and punishment of the guilty parties and offers adequate guarantees to the Salvadoran Legation to prevent assaults of this kind. This is a measure which my Government appreciates at its full value, in as much as it will make for the tranquillity of our Legation at Washington with regard to the persons who compose it and their property.

The good intentions so kindly shown by Your Excellency’s Government in this matter are still further confirmed by its exquisite courtesy in assuming the expenses occasioned by the assault upon Dr. Leiva, which courtesy I am glad to state will further win the gratitude of my Government.

Please accept [etc.]

R. Arrieta Rossi
  1. Note acknowledged July 27, 1931.