816.00 Revolutions/22: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in El Salvador (Curtis)

61. Press reports indicate that Salvadoran Congress may be called in session at once “to ratify the new military government” and that elections will be called within 48 hours. It is obviously highly desirable that no precipitate action be taken tending to throw the cloak of congressional approval over a government which the other Central American governments and the United States might possibly find themselves unable to recognize under the terms of the 1923 treaty. You should, if you believe such action imminent by the military leaders of the revolt, informally point this out and indicate the wisdom of proceeding with caution and after due study of the situation in the light of the Constitution and the 1923 treaty.

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Please telegraph your views and recommendations as to the steps necessary to be taken in Salvador to bring about a government on a constitutional basis which could be recognized under the 1923 treaty. Do not discuss this question with the military leaders.