816.00 Revolutions/14: Telegram

The Minister in El Salvador ( Curtis ) to the Secretary of State

105. [Paraphrase.] Gomez Zarate informed an American that yesterday afternoon he and Cordova were invited to the revolutionary headquarters, that they knew nothing in advance concerning the revolution, and that they were utterly opposed to such a military government [Page 173] although they felt it necessary to declare their adhesion to it. [End paraphrase.] More and more it appears that the revolution was organized and carried through by a lot of young Army officers dissatisfied because of delays in paying the Army and was merely countenanced by the higher officers; the Directorate now consists of two colonels, a captain and four lieutenants, the active leaders being the two colonels, Joaquín Valdes and Osmin Aguirre, but Generals Martínez and Calderon [Claramount?]7 and other higher officers are assisting actively.

  1. See par. 5 of despatch No. 26, December 15, from the Minister in El Salvador, p. 197.