816.00 Revolutions/13: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( Whitehouse ) to the Secretary of State

64. President Araujo sent a delegation from Santa Ana last night to see President Ubico. It is headed by Contreras, Under Secretary of Gobernacion, and its purpose is to ask for material aid. Minister of Foreign Affairs tells me the Salvadoran Minister came to see him early this morning to ask for the loan of airplanes to bomb the barracks in [Page 172] Salvador and the delegation will probably ask for arms and ammunition also as it appears that Santa Ana had only arms for 900.

Minister of Foreign Affairs is relying on article 4 of the 1923 treaty to refuse all such requests.

The Minister of Salvador has also been to see me to sound out my feelings about war material and I referred him to the treaty. He claims that Araujo has 5,000 men at Santa Ana but needs arms: that the revolutionary movement lacks popular support and cites their hesitancy in advancing on Santa Ana as a proof and alleges that while the capital is quiet it is because forces are evenly balanced and the American Minister has arranged an armistice. He also requested our moral support for Araujo as the duly recognized President and that I communicate this to you as intercourse between Curtis and Araujo was interrupted.

Repeated to Salvador.