816.00 Revolutions/2: Telegram

The Minister in El Salvador (Curtis) to the Secretary of State


98. My 97, December 3, 7 a.m. I have arranged a truce between the opposing forces in San Salvador. Part of the National Guard and two regiments control most of San Salvador. Cavalry regiment and police are loyal. The leadership of the revolution is in the hands of officers who appear to have no capacity and no fixed plan beyond getting rid of the present government. I have arranged a 2-hour armistice from the time the revolutionists handed me their conditions for delivery to President Araujo. The revolution appears to be limited to the military mentioned above, the civil population apparently being decidedly in favor of the President.2

  1. For correction of this statement, see par. 3 of despatch No. 26, December 15, from the Minister in El Salvador, p. 197.