The Secretary of State to the Egyptian Minister (Sidarouss Pasha)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to the Minister of Egypt and has the honor to acknowledge the Minister’s Note Verbale of September 22, 1931, stating that the Egyptian Government concurs in the suggestion contained in the Secretary’s Note Verbale of September 18, 1931, that it might be advantageous if representatives of the Egyptian Government were designated to hold informal discussions with the Federal Farm Board regarding possible methods of cooperation in handling the stocks of cotton held by the governmental agencies of the two countries.

While the Farm Board does not wish to limit the field of discussion arbitrarily, it will not be able, as was pointed out in the Note Verbale of September 18, 1931, to give consideration to programs calling for limitation of production or control of the exports of privately owned cotton.

The Federal Farm Board will be glad to start the proposed informal discussions at any time which may be convenient to the Egyptian representatives. The Board requests, however, that it be informed as far in advance as possible of the date on which the Egyptian representatives will arrive in Washington.34

  1. On December 2, 1931, the Egyptian First Secretary of Legation (Ismael Bey) informed the Department that it was clearly understood that the Egyptian Government was to set a date (561.321D1/52). Discussions took place at Washington in 1933.